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capa.php - Server Capabilities

Download: capa.php
Filename: capa-XXX.php , Type : PHP source file, Size : 4.2KB
capa.php is an very simple script which has been created years ago as replacement or alternative for the PHP built in phpinfo() function. Which can be used if phpinfo() has been disabled.
capa.php will show:
  • PHP version.
  • installed modules/extensions.
  • all available functions (with direct links to the PHP documentation pages on http://www.php.net/manual/).
  • some interesting configuration values.

MySQL dump synchronisation script

# $Id: mysqldump-sync-gzip.sh,v 1.7 2008/08/06 12:25:40 root Exp root $
# mysqldump-syncgzip.sh:        Sync a running MySQL server with MySQLdump-ed files.
#                Author:        Diederik Hamelink.
# usage:
# - run this script as cronjob or before an (incremental) backup is taken from the filesystem.
# requirements:
# - this script needs to be executed with root.
# - root needs full MySQL access without password.
# features:
# - update each table in a seperate file.
# - only update changed table. tables without valid Last Changed field are always backuped.
# - timestamps in dumpfiles attributes are set to "last changed" the MySQL table was updated.
# - temporary dumpfiles are used so that there is alwasy a full dump available on the filesystem.
# todo:
# - Test how are stored procedures are stored, and howto backup these.
# - Able to run with configurable username [+pasword] [+host]
# - ??